Jennifer Walker became interested in theater by performing in plays and musicals while in high school. After graduating, she attended Kent State University where she majored in Fine Art.                                                                

A former child-care specialist, Jennifer enjoys performing as "Trixie the Clown", where she has the opportunity to entertain children and adults alike. Jennifer performs as "Red-Handed Jenny", in "Droolin' Jack's Comedy-DangerShow", as "Mad Molly", in "The Plunder Doggs" and has performed at festivals such as Sarasota Medieval Fair (FL), Wild Rose Renaissance Fair (PA) Great Lakes Medieval Faire (OH) and Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival (PA). She has performed with "The Dickens' Carolers" and as a vocalist with "Lively Strings" and is the lead vocalist / percussionist of “The Donegal Doggs”, a Cleveland-based, traditional, Irish band.  Jennifer has technical credits at several Cleveland area theaters including Great Lakes Theater Festival, Beachwood Community Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Sandusky State Theater, the national touring company of “Cats” as well as for Beachwood City Schools and Mayfield School District. She is a member of "The Gathering", an organization dedicated to magic and the performing arts and is a founding member, Associate Director and chief puppeteer of the Great Lakes National Puppet Theater.    

Vincent Polowy  has performed all across the United States at schools, theaters, festivals, renaissance fairs, universities and at major theme parks including Sea World and Six Flags. He toured schools throughout Western New York, conducting assembly programs for Western New York United Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse. He performed as a member of the Hands Down Puppet Theatre, of Buffalo, New York and worked extensively with the internationally recognized Das PuppenspielPuppet Theater, of Westfield, New York. Vincent has performed at the Louisville Children's Theatre (KY), the Birmingham Children's Theatre (AL), Artpark (NY), Chautauqua Institution (NY), The New England Puppetry Series (MA), with the Lake Charles Symphony Orchestra (LA) and with Red [an orchestra] (OH) with renowned puppeteer Basil Twist. Vincent performed at the White House for President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy in the "Salute to the President". He is a founding member of "TheEclectic CirCus" performance ensemble, the "Shattered Shakespeare" company, as well as "The Dickens' Carolers", a four-part harmony, a cappella vocal group. Vincent performs as guitarist / vocalist in “The Donegal Doggs”, a Cleveland-based, traditional, Irish music group, where he also serves as Music Director and Business Manager and is a founding member and Artistic Director of Great Lakes National Puppet Theater. He has appeared in several films, including "The Summoning of Everyman" and the second installment of H. B. Halicki's cult classic "Gonein 60 Seconds 2". 

Vincent has technical and design credits at venues all across the Eastern United States. He was Technical Director/Resident Lighting Designer at Ensemble Theatre (OH), Resident Lighting Designer at the PaulRobeson Theater (NY), Assistant Technical Director/Lighting Designer at The 1891 Fredonia Opera House (NY), Technical Director of the Bettcher Convocation Center at Lake Ridge Academy (OH), Technical Director at Das Puppenspiel Puppet Theater (NY) and Technical Director at Hands Down Puppet Theater (NY). He has design credits at Theater Hopkins at Johns Hopkins University (MD), The Cleveland Playhouse (OH), Summerfare Musical Theater (NY), Cleveland Public Theater (OH), Fine Arts Association (OH), Six FlagsTheme Parks, Beachwood Community Theater (OH), Beck Center for the Arts (OH), Cleveland J. C. C. (OH). Vincent has worked with acts such as Motley Crue, Guns-n-Roses, Lilith Fair, and with the national touring companies of “Song and Dance” and “Cats”.


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