The Eclectic CirCusis NOT traditional circus, but a troupe of specialty artists, bringing their contrasting talents and personalities to a unique performance. Featuring Comedy, Magic, Fire, Juggling, Dark Satire, Bull Whips, Machetes, Glass Walking, Ropes, Beanbags of Death, Bed of Nails, Amusing Randomness, Music, Clowning, Handcuffs, Balloons, Sideshow, Breaking Cinderblocks on a Man's Head, Straitjacket, Stilt Walking, Basketballs, Swords, Death Defying Stunts and Feats of Human Stupidity.

Ideal entertainment for colleges and universities, corporate events, outdoor festivals, and theaters.

Face-Painting for your next party or event! Children will delight as our artists create one-of-a-kind masterpieces, using non-toxic, water-based, theatrical grade make up. Many designs to choose from and the make up washes off simply with soap and water.

​Great for birthday parties, holiday parties, outdoor festivals and more! Priced by the hour

Great Lakes National Puppet Theater is an ensemble of talented visual and performing artists with a single vision of the creation, preservation and performance of quality theater, using puppets as the master portrayers of that vision. Providing entertainment for children and adults alike, Great Lakes National Puppet Theater tours throughout the United States, providing programming of charm and substance that encourages the audience to think, to feel and to grow as a result of experiencing the magic of quality "Theater with Puppets".

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Balloon Twisting creates a fun and festive atmosphere for your event. Children (and some adults) just love having their favorite animal, flower or other creation, made from colorful balloons. Many designs to choose from. Great for parties, festivals, grand openings and so much more!

​Priced by the hour

In a classic display of over acting, clowning and buffoonery, Vincent Magic Productions is proud to present, "Shattered Shakespeare"​  Frequently referring to their older and more famous brother, William as a "hack", Bill and Phil Shakespeare attempt to perform the works of "the Bard" in twenty-five minutes or less. Relying on their quick wits, under developed social graces and lack of any  kind of morals, these two "brothers from another mother" dig deep into the imagination and come up with serious comedy that is sure to entertain. Performing works such as "Romeo and Juliette" and "Green Eggs and Hamlet",  "ShatteredShakespeare" will delight your audiences with condensed story / BIG on comedy, slapstick entertainment. 

Great for medieval / renaissance festivals, outdoor festivals, schools and universities, theaters and corporate events.