Vincent Magic Productions offers a series of workshops, classes, and lectures on various topics and theatrical disciplines. Workshops can be single day classes or extended residencies. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Magic For Magicians (and Clowns)

Magic (Wizard's Workshop)

Be a Clown

A History of Puppetry

Puppet Building 101

​Let's Build Puppets

​Introduction to Technical Theater

​Face Painting 

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Magic For Magicians (and Clowns)

This presentation is a lecture for working magicians and clowns that teaches specific effects, techniques,  and routines. Ideal for magic and clown conventions, clown ministries and clubs, magic clubs and hobbyist groups, our magicians perform their signature magic routines and effects and then demonstrate the "inner-workings" of each trick. Props and effects are also made available for purchase after the lecture.

Wizard's Workshop
An interactive workshop for teaching basic magic principles and magic history. Students will learn to construct their own magic props, which they get to keep, as well as performance techniques, routines and styles of magic.

Performing magic can be highly effective in developing hand-eye coordination, as well as reducing shyness, building self-esteem, improving dexterity and improving interaction skills.

This workshop can be presented as a single-day class, or as an extended residency.

A History of Puppetry
A workshop to explore the art and history of puppetry, using examples of many different puppet types. Students will have the opportunity to see, as well as handle puppets ranging from simple ball and scarf puppets, to English hand puppets, marionettes, Indonesian shadow puppets, rod puppets and Japanese "bunraku"-style puppets.

Puppet Building 101
Puppets speak to adults too, as is evidenced in various other cultures, particularly Eastern cultures. This workshop is designed to teach puppet-building techniques to adults. Each student will design and construct his or her own puppet creation, as well as learn manipulation techniques and puppet history. Geared for students ages 17 to adult.

Let's Build Puppets
Gives students the opportunity to design and construct their own puppets and learn manipulation techniques. Many different puppet types are available. Geared for students ages 7 through 16.

Introduction to Technical Theater
Offers students a close-up look at the technical aspects of modern theatrical productions. Topics range from lighting, sound and set design, to the use of special effects. This is an extended residency workshop, taught by working theater professionals.

Be a Clown / Creative Clowning
Two interactive workshops to bring out the "clown" in all of us.

 "Be a Clown" is geared for children, ages 7 through 15. Students will learn the art of clowning as part of an extended residency theater arts program. Each child will learn the fundamentals of clowning including; movement, voice, character development, magic, balloon twisting, juggling basics, creative costuming and putting on a funny face. With emphasis on having fun while being silly, in a safe and controlled environment, this workshop will help to build self-confidence, social and interactive skills, creativity and imagination, as well as acting and performance skills.

"Creative Clowning" is a workshop for teens and adults, who are interested in becoming a working, professional clown. Each student will learn the many skills associated with clowning, including: magic, juggling, movement, balloon twisting, puppetry, character development, voice and comedy. Also covers creative costuming, props, make-up techniques and much more. Have you even wanted to perform for children's parties, outdoor festivals, parades, or even in a circus? "Creative Clowning" will teach you the building blocks of becoming a professional clown.

Face Painting 

Teaches teens and adults the basic fundamentals of creating colorful and fun designs, using safe, non-toxic, water-based, theatrical grade make up. The perfect class for would-be clowns and children's entertainers.